Our mission

The Jelly Chair was started in 2016 as project with mission - To produce a premium Sofa for the market and as a business idea to offer this type of furniture, a Sofa, as a well designed and functional product.

A better everyday life, enjoyable,relaxed,chilled.

With the Jelly Sofa we have created a beautifully designed piece of furniture. We respond to the home needs of people around the world: people with many different needs, tastes, dreams, aspirations, people who want to improve their homes, work space, wellness centres, hotels rooms and their everyday lives.

We took a different approach in manufacturing this beautiful, durable piece of furniture. It is all about finding simple solutions and applying them on future products.

Our Team is full of young people from The Faculty of Forestry Zagreb is an internationally recognized institution and the project was monitored and certified by this instituion. We took the very best from every part of the production process to deliver this premium product.

The Jelly Sofa

We have devoted ourselves to one simple goal: to develop a premium Sofa as adorable designed furniture product.

This sofa is a unique addition to any space. It is made from plywood and covered with eco leather but the construction is made from pine and fir which makes this sofa firm but at the same time comfortable. The soft sponge with its 60 mm thickness makes this unique piece of furniture soft and enjoyable. It was tested at the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb. The dimensions of the product are 1770x810x480x500. The perfect size of the product makes it fit any kind of space. Its unique style and design turns an ordinary room into a modern and luxurious space. But the material will be upgraded to fossil oak, a kind of tree that has been sitting on the bottom of rivers from 2000 to 7000 years covered in layers of silt, gravel and sand. It is a material of exceptional strength, which makes it resistant and very durable.

We are looking for partners interested in bring this product on a new level in production quality and distribution process.

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Davor Kovacic - Jelly d.o.o Zagreb Croatia
Tests and approvals - The Faculty of Forestry-Zagreb # 0043-16 .
Illustrations - Hudu.hr / Croatian association of digital artists. Mr Nenad Jankovic
Upholstery - Matus Design Sesvete
Light solution studio 2RP Zagreb .
Design by Drago Jelonjić
Project manager: Filip Culo
Web and Digital Communications: Kristijan Soldo
Photography: Darko Mihalic
Media relation: Sonja Krizmancic